6 Outdoor Advertising Ideas that work for every business

The world of OOH is transforming rapidly. In this advertising world of creativity and attractive design, if you have not utilized the power of billboards, murals or car wraps, here’s why you should.

Maybe you are embracing the modern ways to advertise, such as social media promotion and paid online campaigns, but traditional media of advertising are still effective and in some cases, may work even better.

If you have not tried a billboard or open-air signage yet for advertising, read this:

As reported by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA), Outdoor advertising provides better ROI on your marketing investment, as nearly 0.40 more per dollar spent in comparison to TV and print advertising, OOH is the last true mass medium and is always active. Therefore organizations do not have to worry about the audience dissolution as it can’t be deleted, skipped or turned off.

Think of implementing these OOH strategies in your marketing campaign.

1. Billboards/ Hoardings

Local advertisers receive the best eyeballs from billboards. And the fact is that 73% of total billboard messages promote local businesses.

For billboard advertisers, it is advisable to always create a short ad copy, as most of the viewers will be on the move.  Keep your advertisement creative bold and attractive. Remember that the communication should be such that viewers should be able to catch the meaning of your ad copy within 7 seconds.

When selecting a location for murals or billboards, consider closeness to your business, the movement of traffic, sightlines and where your niche targets live & hang out holds the key to registering more eyeballs and hence a better visibility for your advertisement.

2. Sign Spinners and “Wavers”

Especially for small businesses, sign spinners and wavers turns out to be very powerful! Contractors or employees are paid to stand wearing costumes and greet customers outside shops/ retail facilities to drive engagement with the visiting customers.  It is a relevantly cheaper option than hoarding/ billboard advertisements. The focus should not be to distract or drive away your customers.

Businesses like fast food eateries, shopping, and retail facilities are the major beneficiaries of these wayside greetings. The Sign spinners will be very effective in case of grand openings or big sales to get higher footfalls to your shop/ business establishment

3. Street Advertising

Advertising on streets entails bus shelter branding, subway bench branding, bus branding and so on. It helps to generate public awareness about the product or a business establishment (like a newly opened fast food joint, a drug store, a street-side hotel, a vet clinic and so on, fast and the recall is huge! High-frequency sale of retail products and merchandise sold online can be accounted for the effectiveness of street advertising. However, as veteran ad gurus recommend, the success of using this medium of advertising lies in finding a top position and format that can be visible from several vantage angles for the best possible reach.

Street ads can also be placed on map kiosks, subway turnstiles, and even news-stand kiosks.

4. Sidewalk Signs

For bars, cafes and retail boutiques sidewalk can draw more footfalls. And it is wise to say that the ad experts can even utilize the sidewalk signs to draw a dual advantage.  Put in a dash of creativity to your sidewalk ads, make it an unconventional work of art or turn it into a selfie corner and you’ll be amazed to see streetwalkers taking snaps with your street-sign and sharing it on social media, giving your brand/ product or services a ‘free’ promotion!

5. Wallscapes and Murals

Wallscapes and Murals, if top notch, can be extremely result-oriented for private companies. Vast format wallscapes are essentially a substantial vinyl on the edge of a building. These are considerably bigger than a standard billboard and are more impactful as an outdoor advertising medium.

For this promotional tool to work, do your exploration. Home in on the perfect situation considering the customer you need to cap. In the event that you claim your business’ building or if your landowner is correctable, an accessible exterior wall can be transformed into a modest canvas. “The graffiti wall painting or hand-painted mural signage is to a great degree viable when done accurately,” Another tip is to procure a local artist with solid social media expertise and footprint and get an art-work done on your wallscape/canvas which (it turns out to be eye-catchy) may even turn into a landmark for the area and you’ll be the beneficiary!

 6. Vehicle wraps

Vehicle wraps are significant outdoor advertising tools. These are most effective for businesses related to a tradesman, like plumbing, home remodeling and lawn care. These sorts of wraps are not only cheap but they increase the credibility of your brand as well. It is truly great for potential customers to observe that you are working out of the box.

Wraps can be used even on public vehicles. Vehicle wrap advertising on trains and buses is highly viable for brand awareness. Advertisements that are run on public transports are highly effective for the expansion of your brand if you have a larger audience base as they reach and connect to the general populace in a much smoother way than any other means of advertising medium. The recall to is on the higher side compared to static billboard ads, as commuters are always in ‘connect’ with the vehicle wrap ads displayed on the exterior as well as interiors of buses, trains, and cabs.

To sum up, you must remember that whatever marketing strategies you opt for “leave it simple, taking care of the fact that consumers/ target audience is short of time to grasp the gist. Make it apparent and make it happen.”

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