How to Measure Outdoor Advertising Campaign

Measuring the Performance of Outdoor Advertising

So what do you think are the ways of measuring outdoor advertisement? How exactly are you going to track the number of people looked at your classy billboards or noticed the advertising rolled around them on a bus bench? Can you even measure the effect of a wild posting initiative?

Measuring the ROI of OOH Ads

The OOH (out-of-home) prospect is booming and in a super healthy state at present. That could be the reason for its profound usage across the world. But you have to justify before your clients with in-detailed reports that why should they trust and call for this medium of advertisement. Majority of the people think using newspapers or direct mailers are more deliverable because they are apparently easier to measure but very few of them capitalize on the fact that OOH ads are utterly capable of delivering perceptible ROI results. Here we are unfolding that mechanism for you straightaway.


Location of OOH Ads

Yes, you read that right, we are talking about an outdoor advertising campaign that is in an excellent location, focusing on the right audience demographic, and with the strong line that has a strong CTA (call to action).

Some word forms to learn before we get down to the core

DEC: Daily Effective Circulation- the number of pedestrians and vehicles that pass by an OOH billboard per day.

OTC: Opportunity to Contact – the number of visitors that can go past and gaze at your outdoor advert.

VAC: Visually Adjusted Contact – a statistic of people who observed the advertisement during the outdoor campaign.

Location of OOH Ads

Measuring the Traffic Pool

When measuring ROI, you must be able to track the possible size of the visitors that could come across your ad and of that figure how many of them actually converted into a customer. How have the sales boost been impacted during the activity of the campaign?

One can go through the OTC and DEC mobility numbers by:

  • By using GPS tracking smart devices which are used by survey participants
  • Travel diaries
  • Extract surveys of the previous day’s movements in the demography
  • Transportation of planning data like commuting data
  • Road traffic figures
  • Surveys that are organized by the government
  • Data extracted during the census
  • Data on leisure activity assistance

Measuring Traffic Pool

Before and After Method

The best way to calculate the achievement of your OOH advertising is to just by looking at the sales conversion before and after running the ad. Has there been a significant improvement? Yes? Great, then the campaign might be drawing visitors. Nonetheless, you must take care of the fact that if this is the only method you are following, you should not run any other campaign simultaneously. This would surely trouble you in understanding the exact metrics responsible for sales growth. In that case, it is advisable that you should run only one OOH ad and keep the remaining under hibernation.

Before and After Method

Code Specific Campaigns

Another remarkable way of calculating your outdoor advertising is to engage campaign oriented discount vouchers, QR codes or coupon. These codes would only be implemented during a short period of the campaign. If the 15% off promo code is the “GET15” you can track the number of customers who would be using it on your website. Unmistakably, if that particular coupon code is used during the checkout, you can attribute that sale to the OOH advertisement.

Code Specific Campaigns

Slogan Analytics

If you have attached a surreal slogan or tagline in your billboard campaign and while operating the analytics if you witness some traffic with those keywords then again that tells you about how successful is your campaign.

Even if some visitors miss out, and if they fail to recognize the actual promo code and retry at their home using different but nearest keywords, you can track those keywords too while using analytics. Keep a tab on them as they are most certainly a result of your outdoor campaign.

Slogan Analytics

Campaign Specific Microsite

You should also build a landing page or campaign-oriented URL that is linked to the billboard ad. This landing page URL should only be visible on the selected outdoor platform. The URL will redirect a visitor instantly to your main webpage. You must understand that the traffic you are getting from that landing page will be coming from only the outdoor ad. Your analytics can then provide you with the number of visitors making purchases or signing up from that URL. These are potential metrics to calculate your ROI for the campaign.

Campaign Specific Microsite

Hashtag Metrics

Social media hashtags are another great way to calculate your billboard or wild posting achievement. Start a campaign-oriented hashtag for your ad. If your audience starts engagement on social media networks using that preferred hashtag you can easily track the size of that engagement.

Hashtag Metrics

Where Did You Hear About Us?

You can also run a quick survey on your site requesting your audience for a few opinions about your brand. These insights will tell you about which of your strategies are creating the highest impact and with whom.

The Power of Outdoor Advertising

The online ad is not the ultimate way to bear campaign results or failure analytics. You can effectively use online tricks for OOH campaigns to be privy to the number of conversions it generates. Hashtags, codes, URL’s, microsites, slogans, surveys, can all be used strategically to calculate an outdoor campaign’s effectualness.

Outdoor advertising is still one of the most effective ways for a marketer to build brand awareness for a company. Its track record is fantastic for success and continues to be a preferred medium for advertisers.

It’s still one of the most significant marketing mediums to build brand recognition and familiarity within a short span of time. People are getting your message on the motion. You’re enriching their visual landscape as they move around their city. And you can track how many of them cared about what your brand is propagating.

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