Top 15 Innovative Billboard Advertisements from across the World

“Creativity” in a traditional billboard advertisement!  Yes, that’s exactly what we are talking about. We know what you are thinking right now. How such a seemingly dull, age-old hoardings that you have been seeing during your daily commutes be so creative that will make you stop and notice? What is so unique about these billboards that you can’t help notice (and may even click a selfie to show off!) Well, for regaining your trust in the billboard advertising we have compiled top 15 billboard advertisements that ooze creativity and are sure shot head turners!

15 Most Creative Billboard Ads From Around the World

1. Nationwide Insurance – USA

Nationwide Insurance USA

Source: Coloribus

Trust it or not, this billboard isn’t an advertisement for paint. This advertisement is entirely part of the Nationwide Insurance’s “life comes at you fast” series. This billboard utilizes the paint to drive the trademark home. As it is apparent, the paint looks as it streamed down off of the billboard, guarding the side of the building, the parking garage, and even two or three autos beneath.

Now that you a have raced your way through these 10 amazingly creative and intelligently designed billboard ad examples, can you think of anything innovative? Let us know in the comment section.

2. Allstate Car Insurance – Marina Tower, Chicago

Allstate Car Insurance Marina Tower, Chicago

Source: We Love Ad

This ‘make-believe’ billboard ad would make anyone think that the car is going to fly-off from edge of the storied Marina Tower cark-park. In reality, the hanging car is part of the billboard installation positioned cleverly with such accuracy so as to create the illusion. By the way, whoever is the car owner is certainly not under control.

3. Formula Toothpaste – Indonesia 

Formula Toothpaste Indonesia

Source: CreativeCriminals

This specially designed billboard was set up to convey the message that Formula toothpaste “builds strong teeth”. As it can be noticed instead of portraying a beautiful model with white sparkling teeth, the ad showcases a man with very strong teeth who’s depicted tearing the advertisement off from the hoarding’s metal structure! The product’s USP is conveyed in an easily relatable manner and the effective communication through innovative display takes it among the best creative billboards list.

4. Oldtimer – Austria 

Oldtimer Austria 

Source: Inboxity

Would you miss this billboard ad while vrooming along the highway? Well, it will be a difficult proposition for any driver to miss this exceptional billboard while entering this tunnel in Austria. Drivers are bound to drive through this billboard while staring at it. So, it creates a long lasting impression on the commuters.

5. Tylenol – Toronto, Canada

Tylenol Toronoto, Canada

Source: namify

This billboard was created in such a way that portrays Tylenol can help reduce a severe headache and gets you “spring back to normalcy”. With the creative design of a wrecking ball, the billboard effectively portrayed the severity of a headache while establishing the healing power of Tylenol.

6. Panasonic – Indonesia

Panasonic Indonesia

Source: AdsoftheWorld

For promoting Panasonic’s nose hair trimmer, this billboard was set up directly behind power lines. It utilized the cable to portray how badly this individual needs Panasonic’s nose hair trimmer while also adding some quirkiness and humor for the viewers.

7. The Economist – UK

The Economist - UK

Source: AdsoftheWorld

This ‘intelligent’ billboard could sense when someone walks below the light bulb, the bulb turns on and glows suggesting that if you read The Economist, it will help you spark new/ great ideas! Again, using motion sensors and adding a dash of creativity and commonsense has played the trick in making this billboard rank among the very bests in creative advertising

8. Maker’s Mark Whiskey – USA

Maker's Mark Whiskey USA

Source: Business Insider

Here you can see a bottle of Maker’s Mark Whiskey pouring its contents from the bottle, off of the billboard, and into an 18-wheeler stationed below — that’s right, you need an entire 18-wheeler full to feel satisfied. Drink Responsibly.

9. Nike – Toronto, Canada

Nike Toronto, Canada

Source: AdsoftheWorld

The caption, “Ready for your: 45?” refers to the average amount of time that a hockey player spends on the ice per shift. The billboard is obviously being pulled by the tugboat, but the image on the billboard suggests that this man is actually pulling the tugboat. In other words, he has been training with Nike gear and is ready for his: 45 … are you?

10. Adidas – Vienna

Adidas Vienna

Source: adsoftheworld

This billboard was set up just before the commencement of the Euro Cup soccer tournament held in Vienna in 2018. It stars the world’s best goalkeeper (at that time) Petr Čech. Even, you can see the billboard is placed directly before the Prater Ferris wheel. As an outcome of this brilliant idea, it seems that Petr Čech is actually protecting the wheel. The innovative thinking put together in this creative billboard grabbed popular attention and boosted the branding manifold.

11. UTEC – Lima, Peru

This billboard was made to address a serious issue for the residents of Lima in Peru. A predominantly dry weather combined with water pollution has made the residents prone to water-borne diseases. In the absence of quality potable water people were suffering and the solution to their problem lay in giving them safe-drinking water.  The University of Engineering & Technology (Universidad de Ingeniería y Tecnología) Peru came with a solution. UTEC joined forces with an advertising agency and created a billboard that doubled up as water plant by producing drinking water from water vapors, which precipitated as droplets, condensed and filtered in storage units and were available for consumption. The water plant billboard delivered 9,450 liters of drinking water during its initial three months! No doubt, it made it made its way into top creative billboards list.

12. British Airways – Piccadilly Circus, London

The small boy used in this digital billboard video can tell when/ which British Airways flight was flying overhead in real time. As the flight passes over the billboard, the boy stands up, looks up and starts walking across the screen from one edge to another while the flight cruised by overhead. The flight information flashes across the billboard screen followed by an ad line from British Airways. This innovative and creative billboard campaign grabbed huge eyeballs and even earned high online visibility prompting it to become one of the best creative billboards of all time.

13. Orphean 4 D Protections – Milan, Italy

Orphean was willing to showcase the effectiveness of its new insect repellent spray. On the course of improving the spray’s performance, they intelligently turned the billboard into a jumbo insect trap. It’s really big but they were successful in spreading the message they wanted. A highly realistic approach to showcase the effectiveness of their product made this billboard and stand among the top 15 most creative billboards ever!

14. Apolosophy – Sweden

To introduce subway commuters to a new range of their hair products, a digital billboard was set up inside a subway station. “The ad is for the Apolosophy range of hair care products which its manufacturer, the Aponte pharmacy chain, claimed makes your hair come alive.” Using an ultrasonic sensor and by connecting it to a Raspberry Pi (minicomputer) together with a local network socket, the advertisers connected their device to the digital billboard screen mainframe where the video could be activated as soon as trains passed by. On the digital billboard screen, a woman was seen who could forecast a train arrival. The moment trains arrived, her hair would start to fly around rampantly as if jaunted by the gust of air, the catch-line would flash: “Make your hair come alive.” Built with utmost creativity and using technology, the ‘subway train billboard’ became so popular with commuters that startled commuters would be often seen stopping in their tracks to watch the action unfold. Others were compelled to click a photo or two with their mobile phones so as not to forget their experience and even shared among their online contacts, which further amplified the popularity of the outdoor advertising campaign.

15. Audi vs BMW – Los Angeles, USA

This amazing video showcases the competition among the two automobile giants Audi & BMW brought over to Billboard Advertisements. Not only did they limit their rivalry to billboards but extended that to social media by asking their fans and followers on who’s winning this ‘battle of billboards’. Watch the video and key in your comments!

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