Online Reputation Management – From Consistency to Conversion

“It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it.” – Benjamin Franklin

After spending years of efforts, sweats and money, your business is still struggling. Even after providing excellent service, you are unable to figure out why your new customers are vanishing?

The biggest reason behind this drawback is Negative Reviews about your service that has been posted online.  This indicates that the reputation of your business is under threat and needs immediate attention.

Negative comments give your customers a twisted perception about your service due to which they get deviated from reality. Sounds like a melodrama? Unfortunately, this is a fact that’s killing thousands of companies. However there’s always a way out! Online Reputation Management is perhaps the trustiest solution in this regard. To make you explain further, we have listed 9 reasons as to why should you rely on online reputation management for your business?

Think from a Customer’s Perspective That Says: Reviews = Reputation

When it comes to marketing your brand digitally, making purchase decisions greatly depend on customer reviews. These comments sketch your brand’s image on the mind of a new customer. Of course, no one would trust a company whose pages are filled with reviews like: Highly disappointed by your service, Worst ever experience, Cheaters who make fake promises, etc. Through ORM, you can monitor, notice and manage your digital reputation and reliability online.

Build a Positive Impression: The #1 Priority for Successful Marketing

Remember, all your marketing efforts such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Social Media Marketing (SMM), TV Ads, Magazine and Print Ads, etc. will ultimately go in vain if your business is under the red-light alert of leaving a negative impression. Confidence comes from a positive impression about your business or brand that will allow your customers to make a well-reasoned decision of trusting you again and again. ORM helps in building new opportunities to increase brand awareness for a successful marketing.

Follow a Wide-Ranging Approach

Just getting 5 or more positive reviews isn’t enough. We suggest you to follow a wide-ranging approach when it comes to managing online reviews through ORM. Thus, it is better to have your reviews posted on different social media networks and review sites. This not only helps a business to gain maximum attention but also elevates its authenticity and popularity among the competitors. For example, one who checks Zomato reviews for restaurants will definitely also take a glance of the reviews for the same restaurant in Foodpanda. Having your presence limited to just a single review platform somehow creates a negative impact on the image of your brand.

Real Is Gold

Fake comments can be dangerous for your business hygiene. Of course, you won’t want those false comments to be misinterpreted as facts by your customers! Removing negative comments instantly from your business pages is the ideal way to deal with it, but unfortunately, review sites doesn’t allow removing all comments that you don’t like. Therefore, you need to make sure that the reviews on your pages are REAL. ORM helps you manage specific and genuine reviews from real clients.

‘Recent Reviews’ Will Raise Your Ranking

In terms of ranking, search engines weigh more heavily on recent reviews. That’s why creating a steady flow of real, new, positive reviews actually make sense. Most of your visitors will only scroll the first page of the review site and will only carefully read the first four to five reviews that have been posted recently. Old reviews are usually not given much importance by people visiting review sites. Online Reputation Management (ORM) helps put your systems on the right track by constantly gathering potential reviews.

Quantity Is the King

Let’s give you a comparison: Suppose there’s a lawyer having 30, 4 star rated reviews and another lawyer with just 1, 5 star rated review! Whom are you going to choose then? Trust is built upon the foundation of consistency especially when reviews are considered. More the number of positive reviews greater the chances of improving trust among your target audience. A customer’s mind always considers quantity as the king. ORM is the right tool for your business in this regard.

Quality Takes the Ace Position

The higher your review ratings, the better your online reputation! However, make sure that your business (product/ service) review page doesn’t get stuffed reviews by fake reviewers. Firstly, look at the quality – words used, sentence construction, spelling and profanity checks. Once the reviews are filtered, check the reviewers’ profiles. Don’t encourage fake reviewers  on your profiles. Block or ban them from your page or report to admina of the review sites. If this sounds tedious, contact an – ORM Service provider to make this process simpler for you.

Synchronize Between Positive Reviews, Well-Optimized Online Pages & an Authoritative Website

Since reputation and reviews are among the most essential marketing tactics for small and medium enterprises, there should be an effective marketing strategy that ensures a strong synchronization between positive reviews, well-optimized online pages along with an authoritative website.

Expose Your Best Self to Online Audience

In the present scenario, potential investors always look upon online researches before they finally make mind to do business with you. Consider these investors just as customers with a slightly different mindset. ORM through positive reviews unleashes your best self that in turn portrays a positive image about your brand. At Above The Fold (IMS) we strive to maintain/ improve your business reputation through our dedicated – Online Reputation Management service. After all, YOUR Reputation builds OUR Reputation.

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