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In IMS we have a team of creative professionals who bring their passion and creative experience to design and communicate our client’s advertising campaigns. The creative concepts team comprises of two distinct teams. The art direction team visualizes the message and decides on the graphics and design of the campaign. The creative team is the second team Makemake the creative concepts team. They understand and interpret the message client would like to give to the market in their ways.

The two teams at Above The Fold visualize, design, write and present the advertising campaign to the market. They have industry experience, passion and sensitivity to understand the product viewpoint of the client. They also have sound knowledge of competitive strategies existing in the market. Our team’s focus remains on bringing up a uniquely stand out campaign for each one of our clients.

The creative concept is the story of an advertisement campaign, and our team spends considerable time discussing client’s point of view, product features, pricing strategies, brand conversion possibility, etc. to ensure the story that gets told by us matches the client’s marketing and revenue objectives.

The idea of putting extensive efforts in the creative concept stage of an advertisement campaign to achieve the ultimate targets the company has set for itself. The targets could be:

• Introducing the product to the market
• Creating a brand
• Bringing around the change in customer perception about your product
• Handling negative product publicity due to specific incidence.

In general, the creative campaigns are designed to shift the audience perception at the gross level and whether the campaign is expected to address the pain points or the plus points, the advertising agency like ours focus on a detailed study of the stage of the product on the marketing assembly line.

We hear, design and build a campaign about the real goal of the marketer and we follow the below process to come up with the unique creative concept of each of our clients. The process that we follow includes:

Client Briefing: We spend time on client briefing and evaluate it against the SWOT matrix to check where the product stands regarding marketing stages.

Tone: Once we have an understanding of the task at hand we decide on the tone of the campaign. For e.g. should the message be delivered with the help of a housewife delivering the message or should a career women talk about it? The tone of the campaign depends upon the consumer segment it addresses. Even the decisions on where the product advertisement should be shown depending upon the tone of the advertisement.

Design & Theme: Once we know the product background, challenges, strengths and customer segment, we design the product theme. It includes graphics that may be seen in the advertisements. It includes the actual message the model will talk about or the catch line that will be said in a way people can recall and associate the product with it.

Execution: Finally, creative concepts decides where the advertisement should be shown. Should it be seen as a banner on the buses or should it be seen only at the Airports?

Our IMS team has an extended base of creative concept team members and making client’s revenue dreams creatively true remains our passion.


Client Brief

Process 1


Process 3


Process 4

Services Include


A visual is a creative imagination of an idea the advertiser or creative team has for advertising communication. When we see advertisements.


Digital advertising is about staying ahead in the internet game. A marketer needs to practice every SEO tool that will help the business.

Graphic Designing & Adaptation

The graphic designs are the manner in which the creative idea of advertising is first presented in the paper. It is also the opportunity to check.

Media Innovation

The media innovation refers to mediums or modes advertising agencies use to engage with the potential customers of a specific product.


Advertising is all about bringing the best visuals and words that make the consumer feel the product or service before he makes the buying decision.

Television Commercials (TVC's)

A television commercial is a form of advertising in which goods, services, organizations, ideas, etc. are promoted via the medium of television.


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