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Advertising is all about bringing the best visuals and words that make the consumer feel the product or service before he makes the buying decision. The experience of feeling is of utmost importance. The right advertisement evokes the feelings aspect of human personality.We at Above The Fold have mastered the latest tool of 3D modelling where we help the advertiser experience the feel and make a decision whether the campaign or event meets his expectations. A picture speaks louder than words and 3Dmodelling make the picture alive and gives the viewer a virtual experience of being part of the picture. We use 3D sketches or 3Dmodelling tools to create a 3D concept for our client’s advertising campaign.

The 3D modelling technique is quite handy when it comes to event management services offered by www.abovethefold.co.in. The virtual walkthrough allows client to see the space & arrangement at the event planned in exactly the way it could be viewed by the targeted customer base. A client can experience as to how a particular seminar place will look, where will be the furniture located, where
will be the welcome gate and so on. Such 3D presentations allow our advertisers to make choices about arrangements, banner displays at the right spots to ensure maximum mileage. The 3D modelling exercise in advertising allows advertisers to reduce the chance of failure to minimal by actually sensing how the event, advertisement will look in real life.

The world has changed today and while even the TV shows are moving from drama to reality shows, 3D modelling experience in advertising is logical extension towards reality. We at Above The Fold pride in being a forward-looking agency with eye on market pulse. We understand our customer’s requirement to look beyond simple designs on flat 2D model. We hear that our customer wants to have the real feel to make those critical decisions and reduce their budget or expense risks.

The world is not flatter for advertising world, in fact the world is alive, thriving & 3dimensional with help of 3D advertising. Imagine to be able to see how your bicycle advertisement will look in real life with 3D modelling exercise which our team at Above The Fold will build for you. You would be able to see how real the close up of bike structure will be felt by the potential client. You would be able to decide if the camera angle and view of bike is correctly positioned or it needs to be changed. Even elements like if the bike made an entry at the right time or should the entry be delayed? All critical questions can be answered well before the advertisement goes live. All the mistakes and risks can be covered with help of 3D modelling for advertiser to receive the best benefits out of the advertising campaign.

Our creative concept team at www.abovethefold.co.in comprises of qualified 3D modelling specialists who bring that virtual advantage to our advertiser’s campaign. It remains our team’s objective that each and every advertising campaign of our client is a success and meets the revenue targets the client has set for the product. Our 3D advertising tool is set to meet these aspirations of our clients.


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