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The digital advertising is about staying ahead in the internet game. A marketer needs to practice every SEO tool that will help the business rather good reputation and hence remains ahead on the search results page. The often used term “content is king” is true as the better the quality of content the higher the SEO ranking. An excellent and frequently updated content is a solid foundation of a marketer’s SEO strategy. It is from here the marketer can use & build on the other paid and unpaid tools of Search Engine Optimization.We at IMS have a team of creative content writers who are dedicated to producing quality content. Our team spends extensive time in researching the subject. They come up with up fresh and relevant content with an objective of creating awareness, branding, handling queries for our advertiser’s audience. The typical take home of a content strategy is that it allows marketer to:

1. Create awareness by providing detailed information about the product or service.
2. Address consumer concerns and queries in detail via blogs and articles.
3. Increase site engagement with engaging content.
4. Substantially improve SEO ranking.
5. Adding right content to graphics or visuals helps SEO ranking.

Our team of content writers at, are a group of trained content writers who have experience in improving client’s image with online media. They are up to date with latest trends in content creation. We take pride in creating content that is grammar error free and most importantly plagiarism free. As the content phenomenon moves into it’s the second phase of existence, the trash writing or saying the same thing in different words is no more helping the Search Engine Optimization. In fact, articles or blogs with relevant updated information, right language, statistics are fast replacing copycat content writers. The Google’s Panda algorithm regularly checks content quality to decide whether the advertiser’s content strategy will bring advantage to the company or the content quality will lower the SEO ranking.

Our content writer team at Above The Fold is a passionate lot of writers who are well equipped with Keyword tools. Once they study the subject, they plant keywords in the content to ensure every time those words are searched your content becomes relevant. The more the content gets viewed, liked, shared higher is your SEO ranking.

A good thing about content writing strategy for an advertiser is it helps Advertiser to address marketing efforts on various levels. It not only creates awareness but also helps in building a brand at minimal costs. As content is which is written as blogs or articles get posted on one’s web site on regular basis, it remains an organic economic tool for marketers to advance their brand to a massive scale of audience.

Content like research papers or eBooks helps advertiser’s get leads. The advertiser can use these leads for further follow up to convert them into customers.

Another good this about content besides being economical is that it allows the marketer to say a lot, unlike a paid advertisement which needs to be wrapped up in few words or lines. A good content length is usually around 400-450 words. An advertiser can use this opportunity to address user’s questions and queries. A content strategy is an excellent tool for online reputation management. (ORM)


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