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The graphic designs are the manner in which the creative idea of advertising is first presented on the paper. It is also the opportunity to check the colors, images, placements, the suitability of typography, etc. It is the first stage where a rough visual is available for the creative team to understand how their idea will look in actual and if there are any places it needs to be tweaked or corrected.In the nut shell, it is the style, graphic presentation, design elements and composition that all form part of graphic design process. The graphic team transforms the creative concept into drawings.

The graphic design team at Above The Fold is a team of qualified and dedicated group who bring the extensive experience in the field of graphic designs to the table. Our graphic designers use various latest techniques & tools to arrive at the right graphic designs, and some of the tools we use are typography, page layout and visual arts.

The graphic design is extensively used to create logos and branding elements. Stylized newsletters that go with the branding style, print advertisements, posters, billboards, website designs and graphics. The graphic designers also work on product packaging designs and signs. The composure element of the graphic design is a very critical aspect of advertising. For e.g. we are often requested to design a packaging cover which may need bringing together a logo and the tag line in the colors that go along with branding.

Our graphic designers keep an eye on market trends. They have the ability to come up with different graphic design choices along with compositions that can help the client communicate their message to the market in most creative ways. Our dream team of graphic designers are passionate set of people who have eyes and ears open for the client’s brief. We believe in detailing the project and picking up on the finer nuances of the brief.

In the past couple of years’ infographics have become a gigantic part of social marketing. Our team brings expertise on various graphic design tools such as Adobe, Visually, Muse, Paint and many others. Our team uses a combination of tools available on desktop, mobile apps, web apps to handle the graphic design challenge of each client.

The Typography, which allows the graphic designer to do the text that matches to various moods and requirements of the client brief, is used by our team intelligently. Just like the words, the way the words are presented matter in graphic designs. Typography sets and compliments the mood of the advertisement.

Our team of graphic designers at has an eye on the segment the client wants to target the advertisement. Based on the same, they come up with traditional or modern graphic designs. We present our client with various options of how the advertisement can be presented and the basis of such option lies in the creativity of our graphic team members.

Creativity, Competition watch, Communication effectiveness are the 3 C’s of our methodology and presenting client’s idea in most effective manner in form of a design and proper media choice remains our priority.


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