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The media innovation refers to mediums or modes advertising agencies use to engage with the potential customers of a specific product. Traditionally advertisers used mediums such as New Papers, Television, Billboards, Banners etc. to take the product message to the market. However, with explosions of Internet marketing and Social site’s popularity the media innovators have found very many new and economical ways to engage with the potential customer. Besides the Internet and social media popularity the other tool that has been on rise is the mobile advertising or mobile app advertising.The importance of Media innovation is about understanding the product and customer category in detail. Our team at has extensive experience in understanding the media mix priorities of the clients. We are able to advise what would be the best media to use to ensure our client’s product receives maximum reach. Our team gives importance to factors such as type of product under consideration, the type of customer segment it needs to reach, budget etc. The media mix an advertiser uses is extremely critical in setting up the brand image of the product and our team uses their experience to bring up the right media mix for an advertisement campaign needs to use. For e.g. The media mix may decide to innovate to reach the customer strategy with two slots of TV advertisements, 10 slots of News Paper spread, 5 slots of Facebook Advertising and 25 Google Banners. The media innovation team uses the best media mix to get the message across to potential customers.

The advent of social media has added many new tools for media innovators and one of the best media innovation tools is the Google advertising banners that one can use to get splashed in front of the audience. The Google Media Innovation tool is quick, and addresses a global audience. Then there are other media innovations that we offer to our clients and they being Instagram, interest, Flickr. The social media platform Twitter has several advertising tools that can bring a great variety to media innovation. The #tag curation or advertising with 140 characters on Twitter are very powerful media innovation tools. The social media platform Facebook also brings many media innovation tools to help advertiser present the product of the social media. Facebook has the highest number of user base and with the customer base being from diverse backgrounds, the platform promises a great publicity to the advertiser’s products.

The other media innovators in the recent times are the mobile apps. Have you noticed when you open a Times of India app or a Game App like Angry Birds, you get to see the banners at the base of the mobile app. It is an excellent opportunity for advertisers to use this media innovation as the mobile usage is fast replacing the usage of desktops and laptops.

At Above The Fold our media innovation team keeps a track of the latest trends of media innovation, and it remains our utmost objective to get the best & varied media innovation mix for each and every client of ours.


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