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Let’s put the best creative ideas to furnish your brand Television Commercials (TVC’s)

Our creative team believes that the advertisements of a client need to have the right media to reach its targeted audience. Based on client’s budget and need to establish a brand our team may recommend TV advertising. We help not only with the choice of media, time slot but also create the commercial and air it too.

At we bring all options of advertising platforms to our client’s party. The Television advertisements work in countries like India where Television soap obsession is extended right from children to the grandparents in the house. There is a possibility that the television is on most of the day especially late afternoon till late night. These time slots are prime slots where consumer’s while watching their favorite soap watch the ad commercials and the impact of such advertising on prime TV slots show its positive effect on the increased revenue generation for the marketer.

The television advertisements need not only have good copywriter like it is required for other advertising medias but the visuals, actors, locations to shoot the ad needs to be right as well. At Above The Fold we have experts who can come up with good creative set ups to get the advertisements canned in the manner it reaches the targeted consumer.

Our creative team has a deep understanding of the consumer segment that watches a specific show and is capable of assisting clients to place their advertisement just before or midway of a right program.

The television advertisements beside the visual have the ability to get noticed due to their dialogues or jingles and though the marketer needs to spend a lot of money on the TV advertisement media the advertisement reach to the consumer has the higher possibility as well. In fact, bigger brands can’t afford not to be present on the television media.

While Television advertising is for slightly higher end budget as the time slots are small and the airtime expensive, a client with deep pockets and ability to spend on the television capsule shoot can take their products to Television with

The Television advertisements work most certainly with its first appearance on the TV. However, it remains in marketer’s hands to ensure the message is sustained by using a right media mix to ensure the message remains consistent and spread evenly in the targeted consumer sections.

Our team is conscious of the fact that our client entrusts us with their business goals and we have a responsibility to ensure such business goals are complimented with our creative component as well as the media we recommend to our client to announce the product.

We believe television being a visual medium connects with the audiences far better than any other advertising channel. The perception being that if the product is being advertised on TV media, then it must be from a big group or a company. So most marketers find it easy to use TV media to become an important communication channel for brand building exercise. A television commercial with celebrities works even faster.

It is important here that the advertiser picks the right celebrity whose screen image conveys the qualities the marketer wants to be associated with the product.


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