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A visual is a creative imagination of an idea the advertiser or creative team has for advertising communication. When we see advertisements on the screen or papers or other media segments, these advertisements are conceived in the mind, then tried visually and on approval by core team members and the client are taken the final draft. It all starts at the visualization stage and that decides which way the campaign will go.

Visualization technique is an engaging way of presenting a client brief or core campaign narrative. It’s a good way of telling the client product story in a visual way. For e.g. We are used to seeing Google Maps which is a visual presentation of the map data requested by the user.

Another example can be, if a client says he wants to show the product as a premium category perfume then the advertiser needs to visualize the presentation around the premium word. It is this one small idea of the marketer which visualizer uses to weave and create a creative concept or picture of what can communicate the higher end image of the perfumes. Should it be a famous actor who should confirm she uses this perfume? Or should the advertisement be seen on the Internet when people search for Golf Clubs in Delhi and so on?

One more example of visualization is let us say a client wants to sell biscuits which are priced in a medium range. The targeted audience is working for the middle class. Then the visualization team visualizes how the consumer in this segment will look, what words will attract him to the product. Based on to where this product will be displayed, the visualizer dilutes the language or pictures so that the presentation appeals the targeted audience. The visualization imagining the product idea. Things like what will be said in a TV advertisement to bring the message and important branding aspect of the product in front of the audience needs to be imagined at Visualization level.

Visualization goes beyond just visualizing in mind, but it also includes seeing the advertisement with help of digital, design or other related tools to refine the advertisement concept. A visualizer in an advertisement agency is a storyboard artist. He creates a cartoon style story of the whole campaign. Such presentations help the advertiser to tweak any visible gaps before the campaign is taken to the market. He is the one who designs which character will look like what or how the scene of the advertisement moves from frame to frame.

At its Above The Fold We have qualified and experienced visualizers who are well equipped with the latest visualization techniques such as Adobe drawing tools, 3D and 4D techniques. All our visualizers have good drawing skills which are an essential part of their job as the visualizer.

In the recent times with the abundance of data, people like to be specific and need visualization, presentations such as Infographics and our team has mastered that art. The technology trends are demanding advertisement idea and data to be presented more aesthetically, leveraging new design ideas such as infographics which are a valuable visualization tools.


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