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The worldwide web expansion has dominated every aspect of human life and the marketer’s life as well. In a way, the online media’s ability to reach deeper into the consumer minds as well as markets at an economical rate presents a grand opportunity to an advertiser. For e.g. A social platform like Facebook has 1.2 billion users who visit and stay on the platform every month. Now that is the huge potential for any advertiser. The big, medium and small businesses everyone can actually use digital media to promote their products and services. The advertising online starts with website presence which is where our online advertising services start for our clients. Several tools come under the digital marketing advertising umbrella, and the most popular are the social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, and others as well as content marketing tools. The types of online advertisements can be display adverts or banners, video’s, email marketing, content marketing, etc. Online advertising has many other tools that require experts who have a better understanding of social media techniques. Digital Marketing allows a marketer to promote brands and build the fan following of potential customers. It allows the marketer to track the performance of communication and nurture the prospects with various paid and unpaid techniques.

The digital marketing activities include search engine optimization (SEO) which means staying ahead in organic search when a web browsing user searches for a product or service. Now standing out in billion business is no easy task. It requires strategy and understanding of technicality of the digital world. Search engine marketing (SEM), is another aspect of digital marketing. The content automation, content marketing is the prominent part of a digital marketing strategy that brings back significant returns on investment. Digital marketing has many other methods such as influence marketing, paid social campaign marketing, etc. Social media marketing, social media optimization is a huge component of digital marketing.

The social media numbers now have started mattering even for SEO ratings, and more and more B2B and B2C organizations are ensuring their presence on the social platforms. It doesn’t end there. The social platforms offer an enormous opportunity for the advertiser to build a brand by consistently posting organizational communication about products and services. We at Innovative Media Servies bring a good digital media mix strategy for our clients to ensure they build and consolidate their brand in the digital world.

At IMS we bring our substantial expertise in the digital advertising arena to our client’s service. We place immense importance on understanding the type of product or service that needs to be advertised digitally. Based on the locations, consumer segment targeting requirement of our client as well as other factors, we aim the digital advertising strategy to get those customers notice and note the campaign. We track the performance of a publicity campaign for our clients.

We guide and help our client’s to aggregate, generate, nurture leads with the help of digital media strategy.


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We all search for products, services or information on search engines, and we don’t tend to go beyond the first two pages to check the search results.


Social Media optimization means getting the optimal results with good social platform advertising mix. After Google’s Hummingbird algorithm.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the very useful tools to advertise business services or products in the new web age. It is the economic mechanism.

Website Planning & Creation

We at bring creative, business specific and user-friendly website design creation options for the website.

Google Ads/PPC Advertising

Google Ads is an online advertising service that offers advertiser to display text, graphics, video adverts on the search.

Google Analytics

If you can’t track it, then you can’t improve it is the logic. The presence of digital media can never be standalone.


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