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Email Marketing is one of the very useful tools to advertise business services or products in the new web age. It is the economic mechanism that allows the marketer to target the audience at regular intervals with original messages. Email marketing tools that we use helps our client to compliment their branding exercise on other media’s such as TV, Newspapers, etc. We use a technique called “Drip Marketing” where the emails get sent to the clients at regular intervals. Email Marketing is targeted at lead nurturing, and our Email campaigns, send content, information, product knowledge at regular intervals to the client base in visually impacting yet easy messages. We create email campaigns that are engrossing, engaging and creative to the core. We help clients also track the performance of the email campaign and provide intelligence to evaluate receive the best ROI on the email advertising campaigns.

Our email campaigns use different creative templates. We schedule the delivery and timings of campaigns and also the frequency of the email campaigns.

But then only an expert marketer like Above The Fold can help in ensuring that the email marketing campaigns are designed in such a way that they don’t get termed as spam by the users.

Remember a user receives a high number of emails every day and email messages have a great danger of sitting in the spam or getting termed as spam or completely ignored or deleted by the user. We ensure we create email campaigns that reach a large yet focused clientele. We ensure we come up with creatives that are innovative and users find it worth a click to open.


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