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Unleash the superpower of digital brand promotion Google Ads/PPC Advertising

Google AdWords is an online advertising service that offers advertiser to display text, graphics, video adverts on the search engine page itself as well as the partner sites of the search engine who have accepted to show the adverts. Google Ads allows a customer to place his campaign in front of the client prominently. The advertiser pays every time the advert is clicked. It is the pay per click rate and not the pay per impressions strategy.

We as advertising professionals know that bringing up a business right on the top or on the 1st page of a search engine requires several tactics. Getting a business rating up organically is almost next to impossible in the initial days of a campaign. Our social media optimization team creates crisp PPC adverts for our clients. Our focus remains on creating graphics that are attractive with a quick & easy message that drives a customer to click on the advert.

We keep a watch on locations and type of consumer the specific adverts need to be targeted and accordingly organize the advert on the partner sites. We remain mindful of the fact that for any advertisement to succeed it needs a real social backing and content to support the message. We work with our clients on a broader strategy to run and drive a successful Google Ads/PPC campaign.

Although Ads is a very traditional PPC advertising tool, there are other social platforms like Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft, who offer similar types of services and based on the product type we use the mix of suppliers to help our client get the best returns.


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