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Unleash the superpower of digital brand promotion Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We all search for products, services or information on search engines, and we don’t tend to go beyond the first two pages to check the search results. The Internet space is crowded, and if a company wants to come up in the top search results, it needs to work with an agency like IMS to claim the top spot on search engines of Google, Safari or Bing caliber. Getting your business on top of a search pack is not luck, but a science called Search Engine Optimization. A technique we at Above The Fold have mastered. We help our clients to take their businesses to the top of the page with various online marketing strategies like content, advertising, blog, s and other interventions. We bring to customers, our expertise on Keyword Research and usage as well as content usage to help them stay ahead of their competition. We bring the best of SEO strategies for the advertiser.

The Search Engine Optimization is a technique that has search engine algorithms tracking website status based on several factors as how old is the site, what is the type of content, how often is refreshed, what is the social presence and several other additional factors.

Once we understand the client’s narrative we develop an SEO strategy for the product’s website and through regular interventions help our client come up on top of the organic search. The higher the client in the organic search better is his chances to convert the search into lead generation ultimately leading to customer conversion.


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