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Unleash the superpower of digital brand promotion Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Social Media optimization means getting the optimal results with good social platform advertising mix. After Google’s Hummingbird algorithm introduction, it has become apparent that the social presence most certainly will matter to get ahead in the search engine optimization race. The choice of social media tools is broad and attractive. However, an advertiser needs to choose a perfect social medium to ensure the message reaches the right consumer at a right time. The advertisers’ interest in driving the consumer to act on the communication needs to be balanced with social media optimization strategy. For e.g. Just using a certain popular social platform may work initially. At a later stage, it may pan out as the consumer’s who continuously look for new and entertaining information may find your content boring, repetitive and old. It is hence necessary that an expert like Above The Fold is roped into schedule advertising communication in a balanced form on the social media platforms’ that matter.

We help our clients go social in style, assist them in increasing content share by creating and curating great content. We help our clients to be able to engage with influencers. Our focus remains on creating engaging & qualitative content coupled with presentation strategies so that the content receives maximum shares.

At IMS our creative team takes into consideration the goals of a business and we recommend the social media’s that will best address their requirements. The choice of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and many others like Pinterest, etc. can be daunting.


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