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www.abovethefold.co.in prides in addressing every type of advertising requirement of our client. We have the ability to showcase client’s products or services in the right places at the right time. We recommend to our client’s the right mode to take the product to the market. Our event management team is one such department, which ensures our clients reach the audience on foot at a leisurely pace. We offer various types of event management solutions to carry forward or compliment the media mix chosen by our client. We organize seminar’s, exhibitions, promotional events for our customers. Our team helps the client see the event management with 3D tools where the client can feel the whole set up with virtual tools with the virtual walk-through. The client can pick the placement of promotional material, the sitting arrangement, etc. To ensure the whole event goes as crisp & professional delivery carrying the advertiser’s message effectively across the potential audience.

Our team at Above The Fold works tirelessly to create the best event management setups. Our objective remains to ensure the sponsors, the guests, the celebrities, stakeholder, and spectators have a time of their life. Making the event, the most talked about and fondly recalled the event of town remains our objective. Our Event Management team works in tandem, and their exceptional team skill helps us produce grand events successfully. An event involves detailed planning, running around and co-ordination which our team pulls off expertly with an extensive industry experience behind them.

Our team has members who are quick thinkers, flexible and people with tremendous enthusiasm. They can make decisions that are favorable to our client’s business goals, quickly. The event management service of Above The Fold is a complete solution which addresses not only designing the event, but we also choose locations, sending invitations and ensuring the event has a relevant audience present to receive the advertiser’s message.

We also conduct event management for personal ceremonies or corporate ceremonies. We provide a full suite of services right from selection of venue, organizing banners, sitting arrangement, guest invitations, social advertising (if selected), etc. To ensure the event has full attendance and the advertiser, or the Corporate meets its objective of receiving the attention of their product or service.

The field of event management has consistently helped organizations meet their marketing goals. Event management allows the Advertiser’s, or marketer’s audience to interact in person with people associated with the product or service. It helps the advertiser build a trust relationship with its user or potential customer. Events also allow people to receive the message at a leisurely pace and in marketing such message, reach is found to be a most impacting message method.

Our event management team, which organizes personal events also keeps the same objective of making the event more enjoyable in mind. We look for the latest trends that will make the event innovative, enjoyable and informative (where applicable)


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