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We at www.abovethefold.co.in organize Exhibitions and Fairs to communicate a theme or generic advertising message to the market. We organize festival based consumer exhibitions and fairs as well as specific theme based exhibitions for e.g. Exhibitions of Finance and Investment companies in and around Calcutta. The products and services of our clients could be from any category; we draw upon our team’s organization skills to organize events, expo’s and fairs to help our advertisers reach their consumer in large numbers with a face to face contact opportunity.We organize the venues, configuration of venue space, advertising of all types to ensure the exhibition receives the desired response and our client’s benefit from the same. The shows and fairs are the best places for advertisers to meet their clientele at a leisurely pace and consolidate the trust equation with the potential consumer.

The Exhibitions and Fairs offer an enormous opportunity to marketers to either sponsor the event and stand out as an advertiser or participate in the event as one of the exhibitors.

Our team at Above The Fold keeps a watch on all the festive and consumer events in the area of our client’s interest and ensures we organize suitable theme exhibitions or fairs in the right venues bringing maximum publicity for our advertisers.

We offer the full suite of advertising services around exhibitions and fairs that we organize. These services include designing of banners for exhibitors, creating and distributing pamphlets in the relevant locations. We also carry out paid advertising in various publications, as well as the events, are advertised with the help of digital tools.


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