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Our advertising and promotional services at includes mall activation services. The Mall Activation means setting up a stall for a limited period with due permission from the mall authorities to showcase a product or service. The mall activation services from Above The Fold include the selection of the right mall to display the product, the good season to do so, setting up the stall, manning the stall, training the people who will be talking on behalf of your organization.The Mall Activation though sounds simple has a lot of etiquettes, rules and regulations to manage to make it a success. Our team is experienced and has all the rules on the back of their palm. For the Mall Activation services, we understand that one needs to do subtle marketing and harassing the passing consumer needs to be completely avoided. Our trained staff brings their experience to manage such softer nuances of the Mall Activation services.

We further ensure the people who promote our client’s products are appropriately dressed in desired attire and colors as well as use a friendly approach to speaking to the potential customer. We ensure our stalls are located in key places where there is a good size of traffic on the foot. The stalls at mall activation are stalked with banners, stand out displays, brochures, etc. that will adequately compliment the marketing goals of our clients.

The Above The Fold has been conducting the mall activation campaigns for several of our clients and our team is experienced in organizing such services for all types of products and services.


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