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Empower your brand with stunning  Billboard Advertising

Billboards are a great medium to reach the consumer these days. On an average 72% of American’s have reported having acted upon messages they read on the billboard. That is a huge impact or reach at very economical costs.

Since the consumer who needs to be given the message through billboards is on the move, a great creative script that is quick, energetic and engaging is necessary. Our creative team at is experienced with attentive campaigns, especially suitable for the billboard advertisements.

The billboards are often used to hold the anchor image of the campaign. An ad is run on many mediums simultaneously like radio, Television, the internet etc. The big hoardings or billboard helps immensely to introduce a campaign or even engrave the message on the consumer’s mind. The billboard is generally found in high traffic areas where exposure to the billboard message happens in a quick shot.

The billboard advertisements have science behind it to make it a successful campaign. Getting the billboard at the right spot where there is significant traffic movement is the first step. Mostly the location dictates the pricing of the billboard advertisement. Placing a billboard at the right consumer location is of equal importance besides the amount of traffic. Our team at Above The Fold are capable of tailoring your marketing campaign and recommending suitable locations to ensure you receive the 100% benefit from the billboard advertising for your product.


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