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Empower your brand with stunning  Gantries & Footbridges Advertising

IMS offer gantries and foot over bridges advertising solutions to the clients who wish to be in front of the audience that travels mainly on foot. Here is another aspect of OOH that is targeted at a specific type of a customer segment. Those who walk, or use slower vehicles than cars like the cyclists, horse riders, etc. The Footbridge or gantry locations are usually near the railway’s stations or places where there is high flying traffic that requires pedestrians to go across the road. These are the best locations to target the advertisement towards working class people or students or mid-range income groups.

The footbridges and gantries allow the marketer to receive a larger attention span from the slow moving traffic. It is also important to note that such locations advertising provided the best outcome when coupled with other modes of marketing such as digital media.

The locations are suitable to get the word of mouth out quickly. The attention span of the customer on foot is long. There is a possibility that he takes an action on what he has just seen on the footbridge by going onto the internet or digging into his mobile for more information. Marketers who want the quick splash in the market are advised by Above The Fold to utilize this great method of reaching to the grass root level customer. Our creative team can come up with innovative & colorful, creative to stand out in front of the audience on the foot.


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