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At we offer the multiplex and malls advertising. The Malls and multiplexes get visited by the consumer that ranges from age 3 to age 75, and these locations are some of the best places to advertise products that have a wider range of decision-makers. For e.g. let’s say it’s a car that needs to be marketed. Now a decision to buy a car involves everyone’s opinion in the family. If the family sees the car in mall or multiplexes, it’s a joint experience, and there is a possibility that the consumer together moves to the second level of decision making quite quickly. The multiplexes offer more than one screen and are sure to promise substantial eyeball visits to the display advertisements all around the year. Also, the consumer who visits the movie or multiplex complexes is already in a mood of enjoyment in general and his ability to observe, absorb a marketing message is already high. The locations of these types are typically best suited to luxury or other higher end product markets. However, now that the mall & multiplex culture has spread to all levels of economies the location suitability can be considered for a wider range of products and budgets.

At Above The Fold, we not only come up with good creatives for such locations but also advise the best suitable malls or multiplexes that can bring in the best ROI for our clients.


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