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We at can advise our clients to make use of this mode of advertising based on the product category that needs to be taken to the market. The transit advertising is defined as advertising in public transportations and public transportation areas. It uses the seats and bodies of buses, taxis and the transports being used. It can also be inside the transport media stations like subway cars or inside a bus station and so on.

The transit advertising promises high visibility and exposure to the advertiser. It also allows the marketer to segment the crowd based on their habits like time of travel or the metro lines they take to travel. For e.g. The late-night local travel in Mumbai’s local especially in first class is most likely to be the people from the stock exchange and this knowledge can allow advertisers to set the advertisements to aim at this wealthy and enterprising group of consumers.

The advertising on the buses and cars or train seats has an advantage that it has a longer time span to engrave the message on the consumer’s mind. The category of products that can use this media are companies with mid-size budgets and the ones who want to reach the working consumer segment.

We at Above The Fold have a team of experts who can pick the right seats for your campaign. We can help our client’s to catch the right bus or train and get their campaign a good footage in the mind of their potential customer.


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