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A product that can stand out in the market is the product that has the potential to establish an image, a brand image. It’s very similar to the fact that amongst very many actors we consider only a few with real stardom. We follow them incessantly on the social media pages and even ensure that we see their movies every time it is released. The exercise of retail advertising for branding is establishing an image for a product to keep it ahead of the competition and generate a sustained business revenue over the long term.

The basis of any convincing is trust and we believe a real message communicated with creative visuals, plausible models instantly imprints the consumer mind with a positive image. We have extended the experience of creating brands out of the ordinary with retail advertising services, and our vision remains steadfastly stuck on the fact that the consumer likes the simplicity and trustworthiness of a brand. We weave our campaigns around these principles.

A retail advertising exercise is considered to be an expensive affair as it used to be so once upon a time. However, the concept of retail branding has changed extensively. The access to social media and the Internet has changed the cost equations and today retail advertising is possible for every type of budget and every type of product category.

Retail branding communicates the customer as to why a particular product is better than the competition next door. The agency handling retail advertising tasks must have the ability to define & establish a differentiation value for the product. We at Above The Fold have experts available for several product segments with case studies and research available at the back of their palm. We can draw upon our expertise, knowledge, and experience to develop an effective retail branding strategy that brings the best ROI for our clients.

Retail advertising & branding is targeted towards allowing a customer to associate a value system to a brand. A brand’s advertisement locations too dictate the value of the brand. If a product advertisement appears on outside of a bus or a product advertisement appears in the airplane magazine has a huge impact on a branding exercise. We at IMS ensure that the branding strategy goes along with a set of value system and targets the consumer in the right segment for sustained growth in revenue for our clients.

A specific star associating himself with a product exercise can automatically bring his image value into the brand. However, such decisions require a properly built retail branding, advertising strategy. Retail advertising strategies should only be done in conjunction with advertising experts. A branding exercise is about the emotional connect of the consumer with the product. A product that has a brand ambassador who is a famous aggressive cricketer is most likely to connect with a young and dashing crowd who love aggressiveness.

However, just having a right star is just the start of retail advertising and product communication, visuals, placing of the adverts, media used to matter in retail advertising.


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Services Include

Glow Sign Boards

Driving our customer to glowing glory is our objective. There are a large number of clientele in our stable, who use our glow sign services.

Dealer Boards

Yes, the wall street movie style dealer boards are now provided by us. We provide the Dealer boards to our targeted client segments.


We offer services that compliment the retail advertising objectives of our clients and that includes arches advertising. We help our clients stand tall.

One Way Vision

We provide all types of signage requirements. We understand the advertising budgets may vary from larger companies to smaller firms.


A standee is suited for all budgets retail branding techniques. It is a large display made from cardboard which is self-standing.

Back Drops

Above The Fold helps clients to be in the limelight by creating visually attractive media walls for their products at locations where it matters.


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