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Establish a new brand identity with Arches

We help our clients stand tall. Get your brand message above the crowd with advertising arches. The arches are perfect for events and can be mounted on entryways and race starting line, and they come in a wide range of styles and sizes. The advertiser’s color preference and logo color combinations along with a creative and meaningful design are where Above The Fold brings its competency while designing arches for the customers. We also advise the customers on the locations of arches to drive their campaign towards higher awareness. The temporary arches are usually suitable for outdoor events but sometimes can be accommodated for private & indoor functions too. Based on the place where the arches need to be displayed we recommend the type of material, message colors our clients should use to get noticed at first glance.

The reason arches work is that they stand above the scene and can be seen as the prominent message at the top. Because of the height, the arches message can be read by the consumer of all ages. The arches visibility makes it very suitable to display practically any and every type of product. It is an advertising medium for a large selection of products.

The view from the top is always beautiful, and we at IMS create beautiful arches to suit client’s requirements. Our team has a large selection of arch template design to choose from, and each one of our clients will find something they will like to see on their arches promotional campaigns.


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