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Establish a new brand identity with Back Drop Advertising

The media wall backdrops work phenomenally when celebrities or sports stars stand in front of them. Media walls created many times find a place where there is a substantial media presence and besides the objective of promoting the product, there is a good scope of advertisement message going across multiple mediums on its own. Media walls can be created exclusively or in a combination of other sponsors. Media walls, these days are also created for school functions or causes such as charity functions, and they bring a good opportunity and wider space for the advertiser to present the product in detail as well as briefly. The media walls or banner walls that we create take into consideration the client’s logo design and colors, the material that needs to be used and so on. The season factor is kept in mind while choosing the material.

Our media experts keep a watch on the events that can bring a substantial benefit to our client’s products or services promotions. We advise our clients about the type of location that will best suit the media wall. For e.g. A car company can choose to create media walls for four of the important shopping malls in the city. In the case of the cap company, they may choose popular events in the city as their venue to get the media wall.

Media walls are the glamourous way of advertising a product and manage to create a concrete presence for a product.


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