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The Turret or Dealer boards are phone systems with advanced features especially meant to communicate, record, recall the conversation at a rapid pace. The dealer board services are suitable for customers from financial institutions, trading, and stock market institutions. The dealer boards are communication systems with an array of features that are not found in ordinary phones. They are the must-have or a staple feature of any trading room where buy and sell activities happen at a high pace.

The first attractive feature of Dealer boards is that they can save a large database of phone numbers which can be saved in groups for rapid communication purposes. Such storing of numbers allows it the ability to not only rapidly contact but order confirmation or other back office activities. The turrets are very useful on the trader’s desks. They have full functions with touch screen facilities. They can be easily configured based on the requirement & preferences of the merchant. The Dealer boards swiftly handle line dealing, group call visibility, video or audio streaming. It has the ability to display the call handling history, replaying the recorded events or calls. It can also act as an intercom and has two handsets to either talk or mute a conversation and come along with speakers which have the ability to handle two separate calls. The good part of dealer boards is that they can be mounted at any angles.


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