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Establish a new brand identity with Glow Sign Boards

Glow Sign Boards are an excellent retail advertising tool to spread the message around with illuminated glow boards mostly for the night time. The retail advertising industry has several tools that need to compliment the campaign and assist in creating a brand. We at Above The Fold provide signage services like glow sign boards to help our clients show off their products or services to the right audience. As we all know, glow signs mostly stand out in the night time and are more likely to be noticed that in the daytime. However, glow signs with fluorescent borders help one bring their brand to glory even in the daytime.

At IMS we help our clients pick the right spot to propagate their retail advertising strategy objective with various types of glow signs. Advertising boards such as Neon Sign Boards, Glow sign boards, Acrylic LED board are all part of our service offerings.

The glow signs are suitable for every type of advertising budgets and can carry almost every type of product for display. The Glow signs depending upon the size of the board carry short messages or just the logo and the tagline of the product.

Our team at IMS has the expertise to identify a perfect location for glow signage boards. We ensure that our client’s market message or advertisements receive the required glow.


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