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Establish a new brand identity with Standee Advertising

standee is another suited for all budgets retail advertising technique. It is a large display which is self-standing and usually made from cardboard. Have you come across an insurance scheme or fixed deposit scheme being promoted right in front of the banking premises? Can we ever forget the movie theaters, which regularly use standees to promote an upcoming movie or an event?

An advertiser’s job is to be where the consumer resides, and it is the responsibility of an agency to help them know where their customer lives. For an advertiser, it’s important to target his retail advertising strategy over the different mediums that enables him to reach the client in various physical spaces and various locations. For e.g. A client who likes or needs casual slippers can be anywhere. He could be on the road, in the hospital or even in the school. We at Above The Fold recognizing that the customer base is spread widely for most products and we need to bring tools to help our customer’s product reach in every corner of the consumer presence. While the big media and other media devices reach the consumer in a broad way, standees stand tall communicating the advertising message with an eye level view.

We at IMS Believing that the standees are an outstanding tool to reach deeper into consumer sections where the big billboards are not possible. The beauty of using standees strategy is that they are economical, and an advertiser can choose to splash the adverts in several places at one go. Now that is called creating a big bang with a limited budget.


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