The Digital Footprint

The world is flat, and the information flows at a speed of Niagara Falls. What we live in the wired world is a common phrase we hear these days. Our lives are so technologically entwined that when it comes to advertising, it would be only apt that business now needs to present its products in the digital space, a space where the consumer lives almost 1/8th of his time.

In an era that passed on, one was used to seeing advertisements hidden on the 3rd or 4th page of the paper. Also, only big companies ever thought of advertising their product in the first place. It was common to watch advertisements from brands such as Lux, Liril, Thumbs-up and so on. Not everyone advertised as that meant keeping away a significant chunk of your business money for advertising. Not to forget the costs towards hiring top brand models, high priced photographers and the whole rigmarole.

However, with the arrival of the digital era the digital markerting arrived breaking down the very notion of costly advertising. Just the way digital space broke down the world and cultural borders, the digital era suddenly made advertising easier, popular with a package for every budget.

So what is digital advertising? Digital advertising is a method of making your business popular on the Internet to creating a spill effect on the other advertising mediums. It’s common to see people eternally looking into their cell phones, iPad or computers. The digital advertising uses this as a basis to capture the attention of the audience.

There are many methods in digital marketing to bring the product in front of its potential customer. There is Search Engine Optimization, Inbound Marketing, Email Marketing, Landing Pages, Content marketing and much more. The idea of digital marketing is to ensure that consumer is kept enticed with the help of various marketing tools.

The search engine giant Google is a huge part of the digital marketing revolution. The giant helps people search the product they want after they type the keywords in the search box. Also, not many people go beyond the first page of search engine results, and it hence becomes critical for marketers to ensure that the business gets listed on the first page of search engine results. Such business goals can be achieved with a proper understanding of keyword research technique.

Marketers need to know what words or keywords the consumer is searching the product in their category. For e.g. If hotels in New York are being searched, then is the user typing “Hotel in New York or Hotels in Manhattan. Is there any other word being used as Best Hotels in New York and so on? Once the marketer understands the useful keywords the agency comes up with various techniques to use these words in the campaign to ensure the business gets the best position in search results.

Digital marketing brings many economical options for an advertiser for the sustained campaign not only to bring the new customer, but it also helps the marketer track the potential leads and nurture them till they make that buying decision.

The biggest advantage of digital advertising is it allows the marketer an option of taking the advertisement across the world. It opens up the global gateway for a marketer.

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